Lab 2:

Fluid properties


Lab objective:

The objective of the lad is to measure the density of some liquids with the help of a hydrometer.


UDC engineering department. 2nd floor laboratory.


The density is calculated by measuring the temperature and specific gravity.

Equipment used:

Different liquids




First of all the hydrometer is filled with water and carefully checked that it is cleared. Then with the help of a thermometer, the temperature of the liquids is recorded and water is replaced with the liquids to be tested. The hydrometer is floated in each liquid to take the reading.



liquid Temperature oC Specific gravity g/cm3
Olive oil 23 0.92
Pure vegetable 23 0.91
Water 22 1


Graphical representation of data:



We can conclude that when the temperature of the liquids is low, the hydrometer would record the specific gravity to be more.


Liquid density and specific gravity using pycnometer

Lab objective:

The use of pycnometer for the measurement of specific gravity and density.


The weight change in a density bottle that is filled with the liquid that we want to test for density and specific gravity.


UDC engineering department. 2nd floor laboratory

Following equipment was used Equipment:

50 ml gay Lussac Pycnometer

Liquids for testing

Electronic balance

Lever operated balance

F1-30 fluid properties apparatus


Procedure followed:

The level balance is set up on a solid surface for an accurate reading. The lever balance supplied with F1-30 is sufficient to demonstrate how to change weight can be used to find the liquid density. It is pertinent to know that it has to be ensured that the pycnometer is dry. Now fill the pycnometer with whatever liquid that has to be tested. After the bubbles have settled down, the stopper is fully inserted.


  Water Vegetable oil Olive oil
Volume of pycnometer 50ml 50ml 50ml
Dry weight of pycnometer Mp= 18.62 Mp= 18.62 Mp= 18.62
Weight increase due to liquid ML = Mp+L – Mp = 50.36 ML = Mp+L – Mp= 46.38 ML = Mp+L – Mp = 46.20
Filled weight of pycnometer Mp+L = 68.98 Mp+L = 65 Mp+L = 64.82


Following are the Calculations:

Formula used:

For water:


For vegetable oil:


Olive oil:



Density is calculated by keeping the volume of the liquid constant. Pycnometer is utilized to measure the density.