Art and Music as a part of the education system

There are some people who think that Art and Music should not be a part of the education system. They forget, or may be, they don’t know that art and music are the thing that are directly related to our emotions and our esthetic sense. I believe that the children need to identify their inner self and realize that they have to work for the betterment of the world. Music and Art are the two important ingredients to identify one’s self. It is part of the human heritage that tells us about what our forefathers went through and what are the different phases that the human race has to pass through in order to reach where it is today.

There is an overwhelming scientific evidence to suggest that Music and Art play an important role in the life of students who go further to make considerable contributions to the fields of mathematics and physics. How can we forget that whenever Einstein had a difficult in solving a problem related to his work of theoretical physics, he would pick up his violin and start to play it. During this process his mind would open and he would reach at the solution to the problem that he had.

It has come to my attention that the High Stakes Middle School’s improvement team has propose to remove Art and Music from the curriculum. I do not know about the basis at which the improvement team thinks that they can “improve” the curriculum by doing so but I am sure that they will regret their decision in the near future when they see a direct effect of their act in the grades and behavior of the children. They need to know that Art and Music are the “friends” rather than enemies in the process of learning at schools. Art and Music opens the mind of student which can then absorb other course content.

I would strongly emphasize on the need for an open debate about the issue involving educators, parents, school administration, students and the members of the school’s improvement tam to find a feasible solution to the issues that I have discussed earlier.