Summary of a Video


The video presents a summary of the famous book, 7 habits of highly effective people written by Steven Covey. In my opinion the main theme of the video is to teach its viewers to take control of their life by focusing of changing those habits that would not lead to a satisfied life. If we want to lead a successful life, we have to adopt to the 7 habits of being proactive, have an end in mind when we start something, prioritize our life, create win-win situations, become a good listeners, synergize with a focus on team work and create a balance in our life among different activities.

The video was very interactive in a sense that it had examples from practical life and these examples were illustrated with the help of well-designed animations. The narrator used simple English that would be easy for the majority to follow.

In the modern world, I guess learning from videos in far better than books and articles. Videos are just like experiencing what has been written in the books. It makes more sense to watch events happening than to read about them.