Explain politics and political science. How does the study of political science differ from all other social science disciplines? Remember politics cannot be defined without defining and explaining power. Be descriptive and provide an example of the interplay between politics and political science (how do they differ?)

Before we define politics and political science, it is imperative to define power which is acts a driving force behind politics. Power is defined as the ability or a person or group to influence or control the behavior of others. The effect of power on others can be assessed on two levels, first is the structure of power i.e. the overall system that power is exercised on others, second is the use of power resources on a strategic basis (Molm, 1990). We can define politics here as the exercise that enables the attainment of power. People engage in politics to reach different levels of governance and power i.e. local, country, or international level.

Political science is a field of study that has its prime emphasis on the theoretical and practical backgrounds of politics (“What is Political Science? | Department of Political Science | University of Washington,”). In broader words we can say that political science is the scientific study of politics. Students of political science analyze political activities and their influence on people.

From the abode discussion we can conclude that there is a very thin line between defining politics and political science. We can say that political science is the study of politics. In practical life it can be looked at as politics is the practice of the theories derived from the studies of political science and their practical implication. People engaged with political science are most often from academia while politicians are who do practical politics.

Social science is a broader umbrella which encompasses all disciples that deal with the relationships among the individuals within a social setup. Political science is one of these disciples but different from all others as it is specifically related to the issues of governance unlike others that have a general relation to human interaction.



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