How to introduce a video?

Video Title: You’ll Never Hear Successful People Say These 15 Phrases

Author: Entrepreneur Network. It is a video platform this serves the aim of promoting entrepreneurship by introducing new talent, organizing bands and business activities and supporting content creation at an expert level.

Length or the video: 4 minutes and 28 seconds, Format: FLV

The instructor may introduce the video as: “This video will introduce you to some of the key qualities of successful people. The video briefly explains 15 phrases that successful people never say and neither should you during your academic and professional life.”

Video Description: The main reason that I selected this video is because in my personal and academic life I have been resorting to these kind of excuses as briefly explained in the video, whenever I wanted to avoid something that was important but I didn’t want to do it. For example when I was asked to help my siblings do their homework, I would use the phrase “I am sorry I am too busy right now”. Or if I had to read an extra book for a class exam, I would say “I am not into books”. The video emphasizes the fact that we need to change our behavior to be successful in persona, academic or business life.

I believe that majority of humans, particularly students procrastinate a lot. They need to watch this video to learn their weaknesses about them not doing the things that are the need of the moment to be successful. This video has a broader message of properly planning your life goals and accepting the need for a team work whenever needed. The video could provide very good food for thought at the first session of Marymount University MGT123, The Business Experience Course.