What is theory? Compare and contrast Marxist Theory with Contractualism OR Rational Choice theory with system theory. Identify the purpose of theory, theory’s argument, assumption of theory, and flaws if any. Explain how either theory noted above would interpret the Black Lives Matter Movement.

In our day to day life we have a simplistic view of the word “theory”. Theory is often described as a wild guess without any scientific evidence. However among the scientific community, theory is a verified explanation of different aspects of natural phenomenon that can incorporate hypotheses, facts and laws (“Application Firewall Error,”).

The purpose of theory is to explain the observation made by scientists and based on these observation make predictions about different aspects of the natural world. Scientists make observations in laboratories or in the field. The data resulted from these observations are gathered and organized to be assessed for different patterns that form a basis for a theory. This provides the researchers to look in predefined directions to either support or reject a stated theory. The predictions are basically assumption with a whole scientific backing to it.

The fundamental flaw in a theory is to take it as an absolute truth. The assumptions made are based on scientific backing but they are yet to be proved to be absolute facts. Taking theory as a fact might limit the scientific quest for reality.

Karl Marx considered capital and materialism to be the driving forces that define different classes in a society (Parkin, 1979). According to this theory human who did not possess the capital to establish industries had no choice to bargain the terms of their social relations with the industrial class. In contrast Contractualism theory (Scanlon, 1982). focuses on morality and a social contract between humans where they can bargain the terms of social relations with others. I one party does not obey the spirit of a contract, the other is free to walk out of it. Marxism considered the industrial class to be dominant and enough powerful to force the labor class to their terms and conditions.

Marxism will treat Black Lives Movement caused due to the suppression of black people by the white supremacist and capitalist ruling class.