What is your definition of a hero and why? Give an example to illustrate your definition.

My definition of a hero is the person who can overcome obstacles and fight enemies who want to hurt others. Basically it is the good people that speak up and even risk their lives for the sake of others thus preventing bad things to happen. To illustrate my definition I think of a hero such as Batman or Superman. Not only they have superpower but also their target is good cause and saving others.

How does your definition of a hero relate to the heroic journey and/or the heroic character types explained in the videos you watched on the “Analyzing Literature and Defining a Hero” page? Do you think your definition fits with Campbell’s definition of the hero or do you have a different take?

My definition of a hero relates to the heroic journey in some senses but not all. A hero is the one who lives in ordinary world and then something happens to call him for an adventure (bad things), the refusal of the call was missing in my definition as well as the meeting with a mentor. However, crossing the threshold in my opinion is the most important stage because the hero is able to defeat the enemy and save the society. My definition fits with Campbell’s but not entirely because I do not think that every hero is necessarily going to come across all these stages. Some heroes prove their heroic journey in an act or situation.

Think of a book, movie, or game that uses the heroic journey as the basis for its plot. Explain what it is and how the heroic journey appears in it. See if you can think of something unusual that your classmates might not be familiar with!

The movie that I would think of that contains the heroic journey is an Egyptian action movie called “Al aar”. The family faces brutal times in their discriminative society and then the older child is the hero which saves the family from the social obstacles and fights that encounter them when his dad passed away. The hero used to go to his grandparent (his mentor) to get lessons about fighting and self-protection. He is called to action when his sister was about to be raped. He crossed the threshold when he killed the guy and moved the entire family into a new city.