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Love Guardian
Android App

Stay connected with loved ones!


Slide 2: (Zaid 2-5) Introduction to Love Guardian

Problem Statement:

There are times when we forget important dates. It could be the Birthday of a Sibling, or the Mother’s Day. We regret it afterwards but are helpless once the date is gone. There is a need for a source to remind us of these important dates and send Appreciation Emails to let our loved ones know how much we love them and how important they are for us.

Our Approach:

We Plan to develop an Android Application that will be connected with the users Facebook account and send automatic emails when a date of importance reaches. The application will also notify the user as well. The application can be set to send e-cards on important occasions to our loved ones.

Slide 3: Project Team Members

Zaid (Project  Manager/Software Development Manager)

Haitham (User Interface Developer)

Mohammed (App Programmer)

Raed (Quality Assurance and Deployment Manager)


Slide 4: Roles of Different team members: Zaid

Zaid (Project Manager/Software Development Manager)

Plan different project activities

Planning of different project activities from start to the end of the project.

Ensure Consistent reporting

Ensures that he gets consistent reports from the project team and they are communicated to the teaching instructor.

Risk Management

Evaluates risks in relation to all team members’ roles and tries to find solutions to these risks in collaboration with the team members.


Makes sure that all activities are performed on the planned times.

Cost control

Makes a proper budgeting and controls all the financial aspects of the project.


Slide: 5 Roles of Different team members: Zaid

Zaid (Project  Manager/Software Development Manager)

Role Challenges

Communication break down between the

      team members.

There are communication difficulties between team members due to various reasons that need to be properly managed.

Resource not allocated on time

      (e.g softwares and web servers not acquired)

Deadline not meet resulting in conflicts


Slide 6: Roles of Different team members: Haisham

Haitham (User Interface Developer)

Design a User Interactive Interface

This is the part of the application that is visible to the user on their mobile phones.

HTML5 and CSS 3 will be used as design

      scripting Languages

They are widely used to make web and app designs interactive to the users.

Adobe Photoshop will be used to design different graphics for the Application


Slide: 7: Roles of Different team members: Haisham

Role Challenges

Increasing time spent on fixing design problems

Sometimes there are desing issues caused by the scripting errors that may take longer than expected times to be fixed. This may cause delays in the overall project timeline.

Design not appreciated by end users

Users may not find a design interactive. Major changes might be required in the design then.

HTML5 and CSS3 coders integration with Android Studio

There are reported errors when HTML5 and CSS3 are mounted to Android Studio.


Slide 8: Roles of Team Members: Mohammad

App Programmer

The heart and soul of the project

Writes the code for the applications

 Implement the Application Code


Slide 9: Roles of Team Members: Mohammad

App Programmer

Android Studio  will be used to develop the Application

        (Developed by Google Inc.)

Is the Official IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

      for Android Application Development

 Available free for Windows and Mac Users


Slide 10: Roles of Team Members: Mohammad

Challenges Faced

Writing optimized code

The code has to be optimized so that they do not cause implementation delays on the servers or android devices.

Time spent on identifying Programming Bugs

It may take more times than expected to find a programing error causing a reported bug

Time spent on Fixing Bugs

It might take more than expected time to fix a bug

Programming the Application in accordance with the

      main ideas behind it

The application may not be what it desired. The overall functioning may not be fully addressing the problem statement.


Slide 11: Roles of Team members: Raed

Quality Assurance and Deployment Manager

Quality Assurance:

Test the Application

Find bugs by different Trials

Bugs are also reported by end users

Identify solutions to the bugs

This can be done in collaboration with the other team members


Slide 12: Roles of Team members: Raed

Quality Assurance and Deployment Manager

Quality Assurance:

Interact with the end users

Communicate user feedback to project team

Organize content for the Application

Write the actual content of the application that the users will read.


Slide 13: Roles of Team members: Raed

Quality Assurance and Deployment Manager


Package up all the compiled code

Get the code together from different modules programmed to be uploaded to Google Play

Use an appropriate system (in this case Android Studio)


Upload the application to Google Play Store


Slide 14: Roles of Team members: Raed

Role Challenges

Getting feedback of appropriate number of users on time

It needs a huge amount of users to provide feedback about the App to make improvements.

Application mounting to Google Play servers

      may encounter unexpected errors

Team members not recognizing proposed changes resulting in conflict