The Next Revolution and Antonio Maceo. The Bronze Titan—Explain the revelation about the unique role/legacy of Afro-Cubans  (Cubans of African descent) in the history of Cuba.  Be specific providing examples …  150 words

Blog #2 Cuba:  The Next Revolution

Cuba consists of a large population of African-Cubans. In fact when you ask a Black Cuban about his/her identity, they would always say they are Cubans who happen to be black unlike in USA where African Americas identify themselves to be Black first. Black population of Cuba has been an integral part of Cuban socio-economic fabric. Africans first arrived in Cuba as slaves in the 19th century to farm at sugarcane fields. It was due to the part played by African slaves in that made Cuba one of the top sugarcane producer in 1840.

African descended Music is an integral part of the Cuban culture for decades if not centuries. Especially African Drum, which is also a part of the SOM music has been a vital part of Cuban music. At present, Black Cubans are performing duties as doctors, professors, politicians, sportspersons and at all other walks of life and contributing to the progress of Cuban society.