Assignment 11 and 12

BGMT 305

  1. 1. Greenwashing: is a form of spin in which green PR or green marketing is deceptively used to promote the perception that an organization’s products, aims or policies are environmentally friendly.
  2. Organizational ethics programs help companies encourage ethical behavior and discourage undesirable conduct. Eliminating unethical behaviors will improve the firm’s ethical standards. Organizational ethics program can also establish an ethical system for individuals,
  3. I can understand the pressure of conforming to unethical practice because of the fear of not making a target. For an employee it is difficult to be in the middle of manager’s pressure and job insecurity. Even for high executives, meeting performance target dictates their bonuses, their own performance as perceived by the shareholders.
  4. Code of conduct include formal statements that describe what an organization expects of its employees.
  5. 5. The second rule says to identify values that specifically address current ethical issues. For example: to stop bad accounting practices that inflate the net income, the company must identify values such as: honesty, integrity and accuracy.
  6. Netflix’s senior financial officers:
  7. Ethics officer: is usually a high-ranking person known to respect legal and ethical standards who is responsible for assessing the needs and risks addressed in an organizational ethics program.
  8. The Ethics and Compliance Officer Association are frontline managers of ethics programs in over 30 industries and 600 organizations.
  9. Identifying risk areas is the first step and it is also most difficult step. Most of the times, people will try their best to conceal unethical practice, thus some unethical areas are not identified until something bad already has happened.
  10. Methods used to monitor and enforce ethical standards: set up ethical assistance lines to catch risks areas before they occur, so that employees have opportunity to say something or ask something that they are concerned about. There should also be observation and feedback system to get a frequent assessment of the system.
  11. Whistle-blowing: exposing an employer’s wrongdoing to outsiders, such as the media or government regulatory agencies.
  12. Historically, the fortunes of whistle-blower has not been positive. True
  13. I would add to table 6.3 How could I have prevented this situation? Was there any warnings or procedures that I missed?
  14. It is disappointing to see that there is 56% only that value ethics and integrity over short-term business goals. It shows how much people do not care about ethics.
  15. The cartoon shows that company men do not care about the ethics, how it is being handled and who is responsible. It made fun of how much companies want to avoid and push the responsibility for ethical issue away.