Discuss Cuba:  The Next Revolution and Antonio Maceo-The Bronze Titan. Explain the revelation about the unique role/legacy of Afro-Cubans  (Cubans of African descent) in the history of Cuba.  Be specific providing examples


Cuba received over a million African slaves which is double of what America received. African have been an integral part of Cuban politics, society and economy. Haitian revolution in the early 19th century caused a shortage of sugar and an opportunity was opened for Cuba to grow sugarcane. The human resource needed for growing sugarcane at vast Cuban lands was the main reason for the import of African slaves. By 1840, Cuba was the large sugar producer in the world.

In the first war independence from Spain, Antonio Marceo, who was Black Cuban, raised to a general in the Cuban war of in the 19th century. It has just been 8 years since slavery was abolished. Since then Black Cuban have contributed to all walks of life in Cuba. Racial discrimination was criminalized in 1940.

Commander Victor Dreke fought against Batista’s rule alongside Che Guevera in the Cuban socialist revolution. After the Revolution, Fidel Castro’s universal access to education and health to all Cuban irrespective of color impacted the black Cuban in a profound manners as most of the black people were poor.