Write a three-five page essay on “Brand Me” that follows the noted chart above. Include your resume as a separate document. Identify each stage:

  1. Determine who you are – Your Specialty (Develop a Personal Brand Statement)
  2. Determine What you do –Your Service
  3. Position Yourself – Your Audience
  4. Manage Your Brand – What will you do to Manage Yourself?


Brand Me Paper

MKTG – 303 – M04

Brand Me: Travel agency


Few years back travel agency business was not very common but over the past few years it has become very popular. The reasons behind this increasing popularity could be numerous. Some of the reasons are promotion of tourism within countries and internationally and to increase national income by attracting tourists from around the world. The name of our travel agency is “International Travel and Tours”. This is our family business, started by my great grandfather. The main aim of our services is to provide cheap, affordable and comfortable travelling services to our customers. We facilitate our customers in the best possible way.

What we do!

Our travel agency is a customer services business that present tourism related services to the customers on behalf of dealers like hotel, package tour, railways, rentals car, airlines, sea ways, and airlines. In addition to trading with regular tourists our agency has a separate department committed to making travel arrangements for commercial travelers.

Most of the travel agencies focus only on commercial traveling. Our travel agency also provides general sales agents for overseas businesses, allowing us to have branches in various nations and regions other than our head offices. This helps a lot in the mobility of our business and also it helps our customers to keep in touch with us.

Our Specialty

The specialty of our travel agency over other agencies is that we provide affordable and cheap travelling services to our customers. Our customers can rely on us without any hesitation. We will provide excellent services in affordable and favorable packages. To our regular customers we offer special discount packages that add extra spark to our business. We have our head offices and agents in almost every big country around the world that facilitates our dear customers in the best possible way.

Our International travel and tours agency’s main service is to perform as a representative. We also promote travel goods and services on behalf of our highly trusted dealers. Therefore, unlike other industries and businesses we don’t have a stock in stores. When a customer contacts us and ask for a honeymoon or holiday package, or a ticket for any sort of travelling we contact our dealer to send us the ordered package along with the full details.

How we get paid?

Our monthly and yearly income varies greatly depending on the varying prices of the air tickets and other related things. The main service of the travel agency is to communicate between the customer and the dealer. Our income depends on the market price and the price which our customers agree to pay.

From each deal we take out reasonable amount of commission. Our company is licensed by the government our customers can fully trust us. Our job does not end’s here, registration of ticket between the dealer and the customer is just the beginning of our part of job. Once all paper work and payment thing is done, booking are done. Depending upon the package that our customer choose we have to make arrangements e.g. travelling and hoteling arrangements etc.

How we function?

Like any other business proper scheduling and processing are very important things in managing travel agency. The organization tasks of our travel agency are linked to the character of business process and services provided to our clients. The most important responsibility of our travel agency is to act as a communication network between the dealer and the customer. Other services include currency exchange facility, travel insurance, desired hoteling, and traveling etc. To maintain our reputation, we have to manage all these things in the best possible manner. Our employees or agents provide travel guidance to our customers. They guide customers to in deciding how, when and where to travel? Where to stay? Which travelling package suits them the most? All our agents make sure to provide best possible services to our clients.

Winning customer’s trust

Our customers belong to various age groups and to various fields of life e.g. businesspersons, families, couples, and university students who are studying abroad and have to travel a lot during their semester breaks and vacations. Developing trust is very important for a successful travel agency. Without trust you will never be able to establish regular customers and nobody will recommend you to others.

Making a difference

We believe in continuous improvement and therefore, our customer’s feedback is very important to us. It has enabled us to make fundamental changes to our operations that has enabled us to build a database of loyal customers. In the light of the feedback of our customers, we have been bringing improvements to our online booking system and making it user friendly. Our website management team works continuously to get our customers chose a travel plan within minimum time possible. We observed that some of our customers who want to contact our head office cannot communicate properly in English, therefore we have introduced customer services at our head office in other language like Arabic and French. Depending on the needs of the customers, we plan to add more languages over time. Our customers have repeatedly appreciated the user friendliness of our website portal and the ability to speak in their mother tongue to our representatives in their home countries and at our head office.


We try our best to live up to the expectations of our customers. We do not hesitate to introduce changes to any part of our organization whenever necessary. The success of the business depends upon the strategies that we use to target our customers. Media is a very helpful platform that helps us to target large number of customers at a time. We publish ads in newspapers, on news channels and on our official website to keep our customers informed about any offers or improvements that we have over time. We are sure that our organization will keep growing with the support and trust of our customers.



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