Yinscape and Yangsearch: Vision Speech


Yinscape and Yangsearch are two internet companies which are merged together. In the case study it has been mentioned that the merger was smooth with some reservations from some employees of Yangsearch. First official meeting of the top officers of both the companies has been arranged and the purpose of this paper is to write a speech for this occasion. A vision speech has to provide a conceptual framework for the future of an organization plus deliver an emotional appeal to motivate the employees (Jick and Maury, 2011). In the following speech I would be focusing on these two factors. The speech I am writing is in the context of the information provided in the case study.

Vision Speech

First of all I would like to thank you all to have gathered here for the first ever official meeting after the merger of Yinscape and Yangsearch. This is a special occasion where top official from both the organization will set together and discuss matter of mutual interest and devise a future strategy for both the companies as part of the same organization. So far, the merger has been smooth with little difficulties that we were able to overcome. I would like to request you to work together so that the merger is concluded smoothly and we are able to work together to move in the positive direction towards the achievement of our goals which are based on mutual trust and gaining the trust of our customers in the online world. I can assure you that I have the full confidence of our investors and they are ready to offer their financial support to implement any innovative ideas that anyone from both the companies might have.

At the time of this merger, there are 400 employees at Yangsearch and 250 in Yinscape. All these employees have a different cultural background. As we all know that both of the companies have been operating in two different business and cultural environments i.e. India and America. Both companies have been employing people from two different cultures. I must say that it will be a challenge for you, the top officers, to devise strategies where this cultural diversity is exploited for the betterment of this organization. This is a difficult task, but I am outing my trust in you and I am sure that all of you will be able to sort out any cultural differences and move forward together. We would definitely need a framework that would enable an effective communication mechanism to minimize any communication gap that exists currently between the two culturally different groups of employees. This framework must be prepared in collaboration between all the stakeholders including the lower layer of our employees. All employees deserve to be treated equally and fairly. The management should be ready to ignore their personal biasness and treat each employee with respect and dignity. Leadership can be used to motivate the employees of any organization to believe in the organizational goals and work productively (Tebeian, 2012). I and you have to play an effective leadership role.

Looking at our competitive market, I can observe that our competitors are trying to create doubts about this merger. They believe that this merger would not be financially and legally viable. I must tell you that we have to prove them wrong. We have to look closely at the market that we share with our competitors and find out what are the weaknesses that could arise due to this merger and how we can encompass them. Both of our companies have been on the second position in their respective markets. There should be no looking back and we must have our eyes on the top position as a single entity. I, personally am prepared to give my best to it. You must ask yourselves if you are prepared. The employees of both the organization must have doubts in their minds. You and I have to lead them to get out of their doubts and be energetic to pursue their duties effectively.

Today, till the end of this meeting, we will be working on developing strategies to pin point the areas that could be threating the smooth completion of the merger and then work collectively to devise strategies to overcome any difficulties. I know that this is going to be tough and we have to move carefully. But we have to take the first step and win the confidence of our investors, our employees and our customers. We would be developing short and long term strategies. The short term strategies will ensure the development of effective channels of communication between the employees of the two companies and concluding the merger. The long term strategies will guide us in where want ourselves to be in the future. The long term goals will be to develop a framework so that we can take full advantage of the internationalized client base. Both the companies have two different client base. We have be able not to lose any of the clients. Instead we have to offer the services of the other company and try our best to make a combined client base. I am sure that we will succeed if we trust each other and help each other.

I would like to conclude my speech here. I believe that we have made the right decision by merging Yinscape and Yandsearch. I am sure that we have a bright future ahead of us. I would like to request you to give it your best. I would also request you to create an organizational of trust and dignity so that each employee feels recognized and is can believe in the organizational goals from their heart. All of you are an asset for and I believe that you would play an active role in making us number one.

Thank you very much.