The case study (Jick, and Maury, 2011, p.112) discusses the merger of two companies Yinscape and Yangsearch. Yinscape is an India based company that has recently acquired Yangsearch which is an American based. The over market is skeptical of the process but the CEO at Yinscape is pretty hopeful about the merger. Most probably the CEO is expected to deliver a speech to the officials from both the companies to emphasize the importance of the smooth merger and a collective future for the tow companies. This is called a vision speech. This speech is expected to provide a new energy to the new merged organization and will provide a guideline to all the official to behave in a certain way so that conflicts can be avoided and the goals of the organization can be met. Following is the vision speech.

Vision Speech

I welcome you all to this first meeting after the merger of the two companies, Yinscape and Yangsearch. I know that this is just the start and we have a long way to go. But I am enthusiastic and really hopeful that the merger will be a great success and with the combined set of skills, we can be the world leader in our filed of organizational expertise. I would like to stress on the importance of new vision for the new organizational setup. This vision will guide us to achieve something better than what we already have. As the leader of the organization, it is my duty to put forward the organizational vision, but for a vision to be adopted and achieved, it is important that all the related stakeholders to be flexible and innovative to understand the market forces and compete with them (Jick, and Maury, 2011).


The two companies have nurtured in culturally different environments. There is a culture gap that I cannot deny. The organizational cultures that employees at both companies have enjoyed are distinct from each other. I know that many people are looking to this fact with doubt and they think that this will not work. I believe that we have to change our perspective to this fact. We have to work together to convert this into an opportunity instead of a threat. Research has suggested that cultural diversity is a mean of organizational knowledge (Cox, 1994) and it will help us learn from each other. This will open new horizon for us and the employees who were not aware of how to work in a multicultural organization will take advantage from it.

Currently we have 250 people working in Yinscape and 400 in Yangsearch. This is huge workforce that has the best expertise in their respective fields. I would like to stress on team work and exchange of ideas between the employees from different departments. We have different organizational structured in the two organizations. Yinscape is run via a centralized structure and Yandsearch is decentralized. I know that this is a gap that we will have to work on. I will be setting with all the officials in small group meetings and we will discuss this matter as we need to be pretty sure of the organizational structure that has to be adopted. I am sure that we will be able to find a common ground and agree on an organizational structure that is in the best interest of the organization and all of its employees. I would really appreciate the input from all of you in this regard.

Both of the companies have their own client base. It is important to understand the needs of all the clients and keep the client base intact to make any organization successful (Choi & Hilton, 1995). I would like to emphasize to devise a new marketing strategy that would not let the two separate client bases lose hope in us. We must adopt to an aggressive strategy to educate our clients about the merger and effectively communicate to them what it means to them in terms of a sum of the expertise of the tow companies. I know that the merger has been negatively depicted in the market but this is our duty to change this perception and make it look more positive so that there is no panic in among the already existing customers. I must say that we should provide training to the customer services representatives at both the organization and make them capable of answering any customer’s queries regarding the merger.

I believe that we must have a clear vision of what we want to do and where we want to be with this merger within a few coming years. We will have difficulties and conflicts. But we have to realize that we have to effectively address these issues to be successful. I, as a leader of the organization am ready to take full responsibility for my actions regarding the future of this merged organization and expect all of you to be responsible with yours. We have a great future in front of us and this is an opportunity for both of the organizations to look forward to be no 1 in the market with the combined force as we have been no 2 for an enough amount of time. We have to understand that mergers have never been easy. We must be vigilant and do not let doubt and skepticism from the outsize stop us from the success we really deserve. Let’s all of us take this as a challenge and let’s agree on a collective vision of moving forward and success and let’s start a new journey by creating an organizational environment that gives an opportunity of growth to all its employees and a world class service to our customers who have believed in us in the past and who have high expectations from us in the future.

I once again thank you all for your time and the efforts that made this merger go smooth and transparent.