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  • Chapter 9 Discussion Questions

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  • Intrinsically Good
  • Not everything with good results is good

Because there are many things that one can do for own good but it could prove to be bad for someone else. So we cannot say that a good can be generalized.

  • Intrinsically good has to be measured over time and space

If something is good, it has to be looked upon for some time and then a decision can be made about it if the results remain the same good for a long time.

  • Are Happiness, knowledge and autonomy are good?

All of these can be good and bad at the same time. I mean they can be good for one person but if that has a negative effect on others, for them it would be bad.

  • Virtue is intrinsically good as it involves personal growth and wishing good for all

Virtuous people have the capacity to think beyond their personal good and they feel satisfied when they are doing something for the good of others.

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  • Intrinsically Bad
  • Not everything with bad results (at front) is bad

Just like good, not everything can be defined as bad. It may depend on the situation to decide what is good and what is bad.

  • Parents put pressure on children for a brighter future that may limit autonomy

For example parents might pressurize their children to adopt to behavior that is in itself a pro social behavior but the children might feel bad about it and become unhappy.

  • Physical pain and betrayal are intrinsically bad

Both of them cause unhappiness what so ever the situation may be. In my opinion both of them should be avoided if possible under any circumstances.

  • Sadistic impulse is harm one’s self and others and is intrinsically bad

This is a really bad behavior. This urges a person to cause harm to others or one’s self. This behavior can be the cause of many negative emotions like anger and depression.

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  • Open Options and their Consequence
  • Create win-win situation in conflicts

I think that I have the option to create a win-win situation when I am in conflict with others. A win-win situation will satisfy me and the ones I am in conflict with.

  • Not always possible

This might not be possible in all the cases but still I can make an effort. I mean that others might want to be on the winning side and see me lose. I think that a lot of effort is needed in such situations to satisfy the needs of everyone.

  • Be happy by making others happy

This is one of the most positive attitude in my opinion. I think that I should be able to feel happy when I am useful to others. It could help me understand the feelings of others and let them understand my feeling in a productive way.

  • Others might take advantage of you

When others feel that you are good with them, they might think that you are emotionally weak, so they might start to take advantage of you and compel you to do things that are not in your own best interest.

  • Provide financial support

This is an option that I can use whenever I can afford it. I can provide financial help to those in need in person or I can donate money to charity organization that helps the needy.

  • Not always ends in the hands of the deserving

There is no guarantee that the people you help really need the financial support. They might be pretending that they need the money but they actually might not need it.

The same is the case with charities as they might use most of the money on administrative processes and do little for the needy.

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