Identify what is intrinsically good-valuable in and of itself, and worth having for its own sake. Familiar candidates include happiness, autonomy, knowledge, and virtue.

The thought that comes to the mind about something being intrinsically good is that anything that produces good result has to be good, which was stated in the metaphysics of morals by Kant (Kant & Ladd, 1999). But the problem here is what the desired good results are and who would benefit from them. For example humans are destroying the ecosystem for their benefits which seems be to be good in the short term but the long term consequences are disastrous. In my opinion, for anything to be good, there has to be a foresightedness as what the good results are in the short term and what would happen as a consequence in the long term. So happiness, autonomy, knowledge etc. have to be measured over a certain period of time for their “good” results. Virtue on the other hand is something that can be called intrinsically good as it deals with introspection and thoughts of producing good for all in all times.