Determine all of your options. Which actions are open to you at the moment?

In my opinion, life offers options. Not all things are bad or good in themselves. Some might be. So, for me, I can be good to people. I can work to create win-win situations when it comes to deal with conflicts. I can be happy by trying to help others who are in trouble. It does not have to be something material like money to help others. A smile or encouraging others not to lose hope can be a form of help. In other situations where financial support is required, I can help others by directly providing it within the range of what I can afford or donate to organized charities.

We all have responsibilities to protect the world. So therefore, I myself can try to live green and reduce the wastes that I produce and stop wasting any food. In my view point, protecting the environment is a responsibility and an intrinsically good action.


For each option, determine the value of its results. How much of what is intrinsically good will each action bring about? How much of what is intrinsically bad?

In my opinion, I cannot draw an exact line of how much my options will yield intrinsically good or bad results but for a matter of discussion I can differentiate that there are certainly good and bad aspects of some of my options. For example there is a possibility that encouraging others in times of difficulty may help them gain courage but they might also blame you of forcing them to try beyond their capacity. People might be taking advantage of the goodness in you and asking for a financial support that they do not deserve. On the other hand there are many organized charities who might be abusing the financial resource that have been generated via donations.

Protecting the environment, in my opinion is an action that always yields good results. This is necessary for the protection of this world and for our future generations.