Case Study Part 4: Inside the People Business at Finagle A Bagel

  1. What effect has diversity had on Finagle A Bagel?

Finagle A Bagel has a welcoming environment for those people who have migrated to USA and are looking for a job to be able to get the US citizenship one day. Cultural diversity at work has been suggested as a mechanism for innovation (Lambert, 2016). Opening their doors from people from diverse backgrounds has enabled Finagle A Bagel to introduce innovative strategies to deal with customers from different cultural, religious and ethnical background visit. Finagle A Bagel has been able to reach out to a broader customer base due to their broader employee base. Different customers can come to their store and speak to the employees in their native language that has a great impact on making them a loyal and long lasting customer.

There are also negative implications of having employees from diverse cultures and who have recently moved to USA. The main problem is the language barrier. It can be challenging for employees who are fluent in English to communicate with an employee who does not speak English. This might result in misunderstanding and communication gap within the employees.

  1. If you were the general manager of a downtown Finagle A Bagel store, what job description and job specification would you prepare for a cashier? Based on these, what kinds of questions would you ask when interviewing candidates for this position?

The job description for a cashier would consist of:

  • Collection of money from customers in Cash.
  • Be able to process Credit and debit Cards.
  • Have experience with item scanning at a cashier.
  • Customer communication skills.
  • Be able to balance the drawer.

Based on the above job description I would ask the following questions:

  • Do you have any previous experience as a cashier?
  • Are you able to deal with customers in rush hours as a cashier?
  • Would you like to have some training as a cashier prior to joining the job?
  • Do you know how to process credit and debit cards via the card machine?


  1. Which of Herzberg’s motivation factors are Trust and Litchman emphasizing for general managers?

Hygiene factors can reduce dissatisfaction among the employees (Pride, Hughes & Kapoor, 2015). Trust and Litchman emphasize their managerial staff to provide a clean and safe environment to their employees so that it can add to their satisfaction levels. But this is not a factor that would be enough to motivate in long run therefore Trust and Litchman emphasize their general managers to give bonuses to employees when revenue and profit goals are met. According to Herzberg’s motivation factors, employee recognition in the form of financial benefits does play an important role in employee satisfaction and motivation. Employees are also given promotions based on their hard work. For example Nick Cochran reached the position of a general manager from being an assistant manager.

  1. Would it be feasible for Finagle A Bagel to apply the concept of flextime to store employees? To senior managers at the headquarters facility? Explain.

Finagle A Bagel is a company that is proud of being a company that is just like a family. They treat their employees with respect and trust their capabilities. I do think that the concept of flextime would be feasible to Finagle A Bagel. Employees would be satisfied with their working hours as they would be able to choose when they want to work.

The concept of flextime won’t be feasible to apply on the senior managers at the headquarters in my opinion. I think that their job is too important to be put on flextime mechanism. They need to be at their positions for the times they are supposed to be to resolve organizational issues.


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