PowerPoint presentation tips

PowerPoint is a powerful tool that can be used to present ones topic to a larger audience. But there are times when the presentation made with PowerPoint is ill prepared and instead of clarifying one’s topic of discussion, confusions are caused. Sometimes the design of the PowerPoint is not up to the mark. Following are a few tips that can help us better prepare out PowerPoint presentations.

  1. Use a catchy sentence at the beginning.
  2. Prepare the content in advance and research the content from credible resources.
  3. Do not write full paragraphs on PowerPoint slides. Be brief.
  4. Have a presentation design that goes well with the topic. For example if you are presenting about climate change, a green layout would help.
  5. Take good care of using a uniform font style.
  6. Align text from left to right.
  7. Use images to help enhance audience understanding.
  8. Use videos whenever you think they will help.
  9. Use references to credit the authors who have been cited in the presentation.
  10. Ask questions from the audience to keep them engaged.