Consequences of Climate Change

We have been living in an era where climate change has become a reality and its acceptance has been increasing unlike a few years ago when it was considered a false claim and everybody was happy that there is no such thing as the climate change. The primary focus of the two articles that I have been assigned to read is the effects of the climate change on the coastal areas. In this paper I would like to discuss the effects of climate change as explained in these articles.

Urbina (2016) has written exclusively on the effects of the climate change on the property business. According to the article there were times when people wanting to buy property would be interested in buying a place near to the water front, but unfortunately, the situation has shifted and people ask for a property far away from the sea. The reason being the rising sea levels due to climate change. The planet is warming up. The industries that are primarily causing the global warming have to pay some of the consequences to counter the effects of the climate change. But according to the author of the article, the speed at which a response is required to the dangerous situation of climate change causing the rise of the sea level is slow and needs to be speeded up. A startling statistic has been provided that would definitely hurt the real estate business in the coastal areas. According to this information, the sale of property in areas that have flood prediction has been slowing down compared to those areas that do not have floods. The areas with no floods have a 25 more rise than areas that flood in the property sale in the last five years.

Goode (2016) has been concerned about the effects of the climate change on Alaska. I was not personally aware that Alaska would be prone to the effects of climate change. The climate change has been causing some of the Alaskan towns to face destruction due to soil erosion and flooding. Alaska is in proximity to the Arctic. Also the speed at which Alaska is warming up is twice the speed at which USA is warming up. As we know that climate change is also causing the glaciers all over the world to milt down rapidly, it would also effect the sea levels to rise, especially the levels of the Arctic, which could be devastating for Alaskan towns due to their proximity with the Arctic. Many Alaskan communities would have no other choice but to move to some other place which would cause social and psychological issues for these communities.

In the conclusion I would like to say that climate change is an eminent danger to the whole of the world and especially the areas near to the sea. The sea levels are rising all over the world causing the real estate at coastal areas to decline in their worth and also causing communities living in coastal areas to move to safer places. Now is the time to address the issue of the climate change before it’s too late.

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