Case Study: How YouTube Capitalizes on Major events and commercial videos

What are YouTube’s revenue resources?


The main sources of revenues generated for YouTube is from the advertisements they have been displaying to their visitors as the case study has also evidence this source of revenue by depicting that Sundance has been paying larger amounts to them for advertisement of their festival videos, holiday video cards of Coca Cola which is providing the big opportunity for the public to interact with friends and acquaintances during the season of holiday. So the biggest part of revenue comes from advertisements and other parts of revenues are coming from these sort of social activities for interaction of communities to stay longer on YouTube watching these things.


How is there revenue models related to google?


Well I think both revenue models of YouTube and Google are almost same as they both are based on advertisements and the number of viewership for their incomes and revenues largely. In fact Google has also shared YouTube’s revenue by a certain percentage as evidence by case study too.


If we offer all kinds of supports such as financial support, how can you beat YouTube?


I think it is difficult to beat and override YouTube at first instance but however with time and talented hunt of content one can do in a long way prospect to even compete it strongly.