Discussion 2: Variety, assortment, and product availability are the cornerstones of the merchandise planning process. Provide examples of three retailers you believe have done an outstanding job of positioning their stores on the basis of one or more of these issues and give details. Extras are nice here – links to photos, videos, commercials, ads, etc. – visuals help.



The top three retails with variety, assortment, and product availability in my opinion are Walmart, Costco, and The Home Depot.


Walmart’s positives definitely outweigh the negatives. Walmart is the biggest retailer store in the world. Walmart targets the lower income family that makes up most of our population in the United States today. The store has one of the widest varieties of products. Whatever it is they have it, from groceries, to electronic devices, to even car repairs for people. The biggest thing is their low price. Walmart buys in such big bulk, that many other companies just can’t compete due to their low cost. The corporation employees thousands and thousands of employees. Whenever a Walmart pops up in a city, people flock to that area. It helps out other businesses. It has a very diverse business model, growing into countries such as Mexico, Brazil, and China.

Costco has been on the rise for years, and is still growing. Whenever you need a lot of food everyone first thinks of Costco. Costco has a huge parking area that is near the store. It offers everything from inexpensive food and drinks at the food court to inexpensive eye exams in the store. Costco’s biggest pro is the lowered gas prices. I think that is a huge factor on why people love Costco. My favorite part is the samples, Costco has samples on every aisle so you are tasting whatever product they are trying to sell. They have quality merchandise, including regular streetwear, to a lot of name brand clothing. They have affordable photo printing for customers, also they have a well-established return policy. The unit prices are very reasonable, and customers feel they are getting the most bang for their buck at Costco.


Home depot is one of the biggest improvement retailers in the world. Home depot focuses on the customer service, and they help everyone in the store fix whatever problem they are having. Home depot has over 2200 locations and offers everyone product that you need in this market. The upside of Home Depot is that amazon, or eBay are not a threat to this niche in the market. They have used a good supply chain management team to cut costs, so they can sell all these products at a lower number.