Choose one of the areas of criticism and explain what marketers can do to change public perception in that area. 


Marketing to children

Marketing to children is an important criticism often offered by the parents on aggressive tactics used by the companies to sell products that lies outside the category of healthy food. Similarly, the content presented in many advertisements is seen as inappropriate by the parents. The reason for such an in-appropriation include two i.e. children are not capable of understanding the fact that everything in the advertisement is not real and most of the content shown is made to attract children towards the product. These characters shown in the advertisements are real heroes for the children so they are expected to follow them with great enthusiasm.

To control that, the marketers should try to use real characters i.e. a spell marathon winner, an athlete or a mathematic Olympiad to make the children follow real heroes. This will encourage students to be like them and in turn will reduce parents’ concern of their child following the wrong person.

The other problem with the advertisement is the call of power to be dominant in the world. The use of violence as a mean of being a super hero is being questioned by the parents to a great deal. Similarly, the concept of feminism is greatly promoted through these advertisements i.e. through presentation of slim characters as prominent character in advertisements which in turn makes a certain body image within the girls. The quantity of advertisement is another concern of the parents and they think it inappropriate and aggressive for children.

The best way to control concerns like these is to show characters close to real life. The costumes should be appropriate and the children in the advertisement should be shown with an act of intelligence or respect. A child if shown as respecting or helping another because he eats or wears certain product is likely to reduce the criticism of quantity to manifold. By doing so, the product will get promotion in the eyes of parents as well as children.