If a new continent suddenly popped up out of nowhere, what would happen? Who would move there? Would it be America 2.0? War? Free for all? How long would it take to populate? Would you hop on a boat to be one of the first to settle there?

In the event that a mainland seems all of a sudden, then it would nearly be a supernatural occurrence. They are not simply little bodies that can show up all of a sudden. Actually, landmasses are gigantic.


In the event that such an occasion takes place, then it will be a stunner to the world, particularly to the researchers. The twenty hour news media, constantly sharp and continually searching for stories, would overlook everything and surge towards it. It would be advanced as a supernatural occurrence, an extraordinary occasion.


The heads of various nations would discharge their announcements or location public interviews. The most vital of them, obviously, would be the American President’s public interview. At that point there will be a blast of inquiries, a large portion of them futile and just to make their nearness felt. The religious researchers everywhere throughout the world would declare it as an indication of heavenly significance and a sign that either the end is close, or that God needed to demonstrate to us a marvel. Furthermore, they will again approach individuals not to overlook God and turn towards him in the trust of salvation.


Researchers would go crazy. They would give it their best shot to achieve the new landmass and begin examining everything from rock tests to compound substance, and whether it is neighborly by any stretch of the imagination.


I am not certain numerous individuals will for all time move there, at any rate instantly. As expressed above, researchers will first study the new mainland to each moment subtle element. When they do that, then there will most likely be individuals coming up. In addition, legislatures of different nations would love to make a case for it. Even with a risk of a contention, most likely an UN peace power would be positioned there for a brief timeframe before the subject of its sway is settled.


Other than these individuals, the main individuals i can envision hurrying to the spot without a second however would be radicals, pot and pot darlings given that weed and pot is observed to be in wealth in that place.


No it won’t be America 2.0. America did not get to be America inside a limited capacity to focus time. It took numerous years, wars, diligent work, and cash to manufacture this nation to what it is presently. In the long haul the new landmass may turn into a contender to America yet it would not be America 2.0. What’s more, it will take quite a while to populate this landmass. There would be an excessive number of questions that will prevent individuals from populating the area promptly.


I won’t be one of the individuals who instantly bounce on a watercraft and goes there. As i said, there are excessively numerous questions.