Short Response questions for Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

  1. In planning their trick, did Morgan le Fay and the Green Knight foresee that Gawain would accept the challenge? (In other tales about the Knights of the Roundtable, Gawain frequently appears as headstrong and reckless in his willingness to accept challenges and prove his mettle.)



Answer to first question:


The test was for Arthur, to make him acknowledge it. That was the plan of Morgan Le ay and the green mammoth. I don’t consider both them saw Gawain tolerating the test for Arthur’s benefit. In any case, given Gawain’s bold and brave nature, this was maybe not a shock. At the point when Arthur took the weapon and consented to strike the goliath, Gawain meddled in light of the fact that he was avid to respond to this call.


  1. When the lady tells Gawain that the sash is a talisman that will protect him, he does not doubt her. Does his belief in its power reveal him as naive and gullible?


Answer to second question:


Gawain was fearless and daring, however I don’t think he was a dolt. The woman had treated her extremely well, and went through innumerable hours with him. Consequently she gave him great organization. To Gawain, it would have been discourteous to not to acknowledge something from a man who had made her stay agreeable and exceptional. Along these lines, I think Gawain acknowledged the scarf as talisman out of kindness.