After reading the three texts for this unit, pick two of the three stories and write a compare and contrast essay on the main characters. This assignment should be 3 pages (750 words).


These are two short stories.

  1. The Yellow Wallpaper was composed by Charlotte Perkins Gilman in 1892.
  2. The Garden Party was composed by Katherine Mansfield in 1922.


As far as similarities, we see that the principle characters of the story are both female. The greenery enclosure of the houses in both stories is enjoyed by the primary characters. There are limitations on both characters. In Yellow Wallpaper, the principle character needs to compose yet is prohibited by her spouse. In Garden Party, the fundamental character frequently ponders about poor people and about associating with them. Be that as it may, she is taboo by her family. Both the stories were composed during an era when there were diverse sorts of confinements upon ladies (for the most part social).Jane dislikes the limitations put on her by her spouse. Correspondingly, Laura additionally dislikes the limitations put upon her by her family.


Then again, the fundamental female character in the Yellow Wallpaper (Jane) is experiencing extreme sadness. Be that as it may, the fundamental female character in Garden Party (Laura) has no such sickness. The couple in the Yellow Wallpaper lives in a leased summer house. The house in Garden Party is family’s own particular house. The issue of class or class separation is obvious in Garden Party. No such issue is found in Yellow Wallpaper. The Garden Party is for the most part a social story, while the Yellow Wallpaper is focused on mental issues influencing females. The yellow wallpaper in the story turns into a dreadful nearness for Jane, who thinks there is something behind it. Yet, for Laura, there are no such mental issues inside her home. Laura’s family (Garden Party) is a rich family. Be that as it may, Jane and her spouse are not precisely affluent. They are appeared as white collar class.


The Yellow Wallpaper primary character experiences a mental issue. Regardless of her spouse and relatives giving her the best solace accessible, she couldn’t succeed in diminishing her wretchedness. She enjoys composing yet her spouse precluded her from doing it. The Garden Party story is for the most part about class partition, and the sentiments of one class about the other. Associating between various classes is not energized by the well-off family. Be that as it may, this angle changes with the demise of a destitute individual in the area. Laura and her family attempt to demonstrate their delicate side by sending in sustenance.