Discuss whether Wal-Mart’s actions in Mexico are ethical or not based on what you have learned in this course versus cultural norms.

For comparison you can watch videos on Google Leaving China.

The actions that the Walmart company exhibited when they went overseas to conduct some business in Mexico was purely unethical. Though accepting bribes is illegal in this country, they are not disparaged in foreign countries that value wealth and the acquisition of money because people do not think anything negatively about them. Being that Mexico is an underdeveloped country that does not have the finances as the United States of America to support the people who inhabit the territory, the promise of money is entices many people who reside in the area; people who are just looking to get by and support themselves in addition to their family members. For instance, many people in Mexico can get off the hook or out of trouble if they are willing to entice a law official with cash as we have seen in may movies, including “We’re the Millers. ”For this reason, such bribery takes place when people are pulled over by foreign police officials due to the fact that they were speeding. If the driver has some money that he or she is willing to give the police officer, it is very likely that the police officer will then turn a blind eye to the misconduct that that person has exhibited because the officer has earned some extra cash. Knowing that such enticing exists overseas, the Walmart company was taking advantage of the fact that they were not operating within the United States of America during that specific time and therefore, failed to exhibit their dealings up to the high standards that the company would have been held to here, in the States.


Though Walmart was not in the United States of America during this specific time period, they should have known better. Disregarding the rules just because you are out of the American jurisdiction is deemed unethical. Operating in such a manner proves that the Walmart company cannot be trusted. Just hearing about how they carried on overseas when they thought that the general populace of the United States of America would not find out about its deceitful ways just makes me what to investigate the other practices that the company carries on when they think that they are not being watched.