Choose three industries that you are interested in pursuing a career. These industries should be something like consumer packaged goods, power tools, pharmaceuticals, etc., rather than something like sales, advertising, or marketing. Next, locate three sources in general business publications or websites plus two government sources that you can use to forecast employment opportunities. This exercise will require some thought on your part as to what information could be used to forecast employment and what sources are available. In your paper, compare and contrast the opportunities in each industry.

Three industries for pursuing a career

Healthcare Administrator

Healthcare Administrator Salary

A Healthcare Administrator earns an average pay of $64,758 every year. The most elevated paying aptitudes connected with this occupation are Program Management, Strategic Planning, Budget Management, and Operations Management. Experience affects wage for this employment (, 2016).

Expected set of responsibilities for Healthcare Administrator

The particular obligations of a medicinal services director depend to a great extent on the kind of office by which they are utilized; an extensive variety of establishments utilize these Technician, including, healing centers, nursing homes, remedial offices, essential consideration restorative practices, and others. Be that as it may, this is quite often an upper-administration position, in charge of driving a moderately expansive staff of medical attendants and nursing partners (, 2016).

The health care chairman might be in charge of preparing staff or masterminding that preparation, and also leading execution surveys for their subordinates. They might likewise see to the accreditation of an office with different certifying offices, for example, the National Commission on Correctional Health Care (NCCHC), American Correctional Association (ACA), and Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) (, 2016).

By and large, a health care chairman for the most part works first-move hours, however they might be required to work additional time, particularly if the office at which they work has different shifts, (for example, in a nursing home). Most work is inside, albeit a few bosses might oblige go to different structures or offices (, 2016).

Most, if not all, offices require their health care executives hold at least a four year certification in a related field, for example, nursing, human services or business. They are additionally frequently required to hold a substantial RN (enlisted attendant) permit, and in addition being guaranteed in CPR. Furthermore, numerous businesses want past involvement in human services organization, ideally in an office like their own (, 2016).

Health care Administrator Tasks

  • Market and conduct market investigation to comprehend development and income drivers and inspirations.
  • Manage every single monetary operation, for example, day by day and yearly reporting.
  • Lead clinical and business Technician, and liaise to clarify needs, enhance clinical quality, and expansion development.
  • Oversee staffing including hiring/firing contracting, assessment and performance appraisal(, 2016)

Brief overview

  • Salary $37,626 – $106,317
  • Bonus $0.00 – $13,930
  • Profit Sharing $0.00 – $10,850
  • Total Pay $31,667 – $105,060 (, 2016)

Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technician Salary 

A Pharmacy Technician earns an average pay package of $12.26 every hour. The aptitudes that build pay for this employment the most are Mail Order Pharmacy and Long Term Care. Individuals in this occupation for the most part don’t have over 20 years’ experience (, 2016).

Expected set of responsibilities for Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technician work essentially for free Pharmacy or pharmaceutical bureaus of medication stores, for example, CVS or Walgreens, and might likewise work at healing facilities or centers which administer medicine specifically to patients. These Technicians are generally regulated by authorized pharmacists and are in charge of planning and amassing medicines for patients. They should give the most astounding quality consideration to patients at all times and guarantee that they are dependably completely educated about their medication and its belongings (, 2016).

They additionally take protection data from patients to sort into the PC and give significant data identified with protection, co-installments, and deductibles. They might at times need to contact insurance agencies or doctors for the benefit of their patients for remedy elucidation or refills, and might likewise be in charge of working a money register (, 2016).

A secondary school recognition or GED is a base necessity for this position, and a few businesses likewise require related knowledge in a pharmaceutical setting. The Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) accreditation is profoundly useful, and a few bosses incline toward competitors who have involvement with Omni cell or other Pharmacy stock computerization frameworks. Phenomenal client administration and telephone abilities are vital in this position keeping in mind the end goal to function admirably in a group domain and with different individuals, and some Pharmacy specialists are required to prepare new workers or assistants (, 2016).

Pharmacy Technician Tasks

  • Prepare dose prescriptions for apportioning into jugs and unit measurements bundling.
  • Assist in get ready and administering drug under direct supervision of Pharmacist.
  • Select, plan and stock pharmaceuticals and supplies(, 2016).
  • Collect tolerant data(, 2016)

Brief overview

  • Hourly Rate $9.08 – $17.65
  • Hourly Tips $0.00 – $3.23
  • Overtime $11.64 – $26.95
  • Bonus $0.00 – $807 (, 2016)
  • Commission $200.00
  • Profit Sharing $50.17 – $3,027
  • Total Pay $18,964 – $38,362 (, 2016)



Pharmacist Salary

Average pay for a Pharmacist in the United States is impressive, adjusting six figures at $108K every year. General money income for Pharmacists shifts broadly in the middle of $84K and $134K; for a couple of hot shots, the last number can envelop upwards of $10K each from rewards and benefit sharing continues. Living arrangement is the greatest variable influencing pay for this gathering, and experience level (, 2016).

Most report getting restorative scope from their bosses and the larger part gather dental protection. Male Pharmacists are slightly more normal among the individuals who finished the poll than females ones, with male laborers making 50 percent out of the field. Work is charming for Pharmacists, who commonly assert large amounts of employment fulfillment (, 2016).

Expected set of responsibilities for Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacists work essentially for drug stores and drugstores; in any case, healing facilities and medicinal centers might utilize their own pharmacists to administer tranquilize specifically to patients (, 2016). Pharmacists who work for healing centers must break down both in-patient and out-patient pharmaceutical, so close meticulousness is essential in this position to guarantee the precision of filled solutions (, 2016).

Notwithstanding filling medicines from restorative specialists, pharmacists should likewise have the capacity to choose what prescription is fitting for every patient and recognize any mistakes by doctors in recommending solution to patients (, 2016). They should likewise survey different pharmaceuticals which patients are taking preceding filling new remedies to guarantee there are no conceivable hurtful medication communications between prescriptions. Pharmacists ought to additionally contact patients’ doctors in regards to any worries about their pharmaceuticals (, 2016).

Most businesses require that applicants have a doctorate degree in drug store and years of involvement in a doctor’s facility or residency. PC aptitudes and interpersonal abilities are vital in this position, and in addition astounding verbal and composed relational abilities to talk with patients amiably, obviously and succinctly (, 2016). They should have the capacity to work autonomously with insignificant supervision, and additionally in group settings. They are urged to peruse proficient diaries important to their occupation and stay a la mode with new medications coming into the commercial center. Some might likewise prepare, mentor, or tutor new pharmacists (, 2016).

Pharmacist Tasks

  • Educate quiet taking drugs use, stockpiling and symptoms.
  • Solicit data from patients with respect to past and current pharmaceutical to avert drug communications.
  • May work together with other social insurance experts to arrange, screen, audit and assess persistent adequacy.
  • Analyze endorsing patterns to screen persistent consistence and to counteract exorbitant utilization or unsafe connections.
  • Dispense and audit remedies to guarantee exactness, and consistence with expert, state and federal regulatory requirements(, 2016).

Brief overview

  • Salary $74,980 – $130,225
  • Bonus $0.00 – $9,588
  • Profit Sharing $518 – $10,077
  • Commission $750
  • Total Pay
  • $83,973 – $133,709(, 2016)

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