Below are 5 thesis statements. Some are weak. You are to identify the weak ones, explain why each is weak, and how to fix it / make it stronger. Also — explain why the strong ones are solid/acceptable.


Retype the thesis as is.

State: this is a weak / strong thesis

Identify the characteristics of thesis present / absent (why weak / strong)

Write a stronger / revised thesis (for the weak ones)

Thesis statements

Americans are suffering from overwork.

  • This is a Weak thesis.
  • It limits topic but makes an overly broad claim.
  • Americans are suffering from overwork because everyone wants to be rich and successful in his life but no one cares about the problems emerging from that.

Life is indeed precious, and I believe the death penalty helps to affirm this face.

  • This is a solid proposition.
  • It takes into account all that you’ve read, and thought, and conceptualized.

Birthday parties are loads of fun.

  • This is a weak thesis.
  • It offers individual conviction as the premise for the case and make an excessively wide claim.
  • A birthday party day is an extraordinary day, loaded with companions, cake and displays and should be arranged successfully to guarantee its prosperity.

New York is a city of sounds: muted sounds and shrill sounds, shattering sounds and soothing sounds, urgent sounds and aimless sounds.

  • This is a strong thesis.
  • This is a strong recommendation as it does not limit point are clearly valid or aren’t an announcement of actuality

Everyone is talking about the level of violence in American society.

  • This is a weak thesis.
  • It makes an excessively wide claim and is clearly valid or are an announcement of certainty
  • With an undeniably aggressive occupation market, Americans are signing in additional time at work and skipping get-away time.

Neighborhoods are often assigned human characteristics, one of which is a life cycle: they have a birth, a youth, a middle age, and an old age.

  • This is a strong thesis.
  • It utilizes particular, solid dialect, limits point, and affirms something about the subject.