Read, “Resolving Ethical Business Challenges” on pages 304-305 of your text.

  1. Discuss the corporate ethical issue of providing questionable products to other markets.

The mere fact that George is even contemplating selling the corn to the public is a blatant example of him abusing his power. Being that he is a leader in the farming industry, George is held to much higher standards than the people whom guides. No one should be subjected to consuming corn that has been proven to have aflatoxin no matter the conditions to which they are subjected. Knowing the sickness that such corn can have on the humans and animals that consume it should be enough to deter George from even entertaining the possibility of shipping the corn overseas where there are not any laws that prohibit such toxic goods from being sold to the public.

  1. Discuss the suggestions submitted in the suggestion box in light of the decision that George must make.

The first and second suggestions that George pulls out of the suggestion box that says, “Use the corn or we all get fired,” and “Process it and ship it off to Mexico,” are the most unintelligent ones. Despite the fact that everyone is more so concerned with making enough money so that they are able to provide a living for themselves, George should avoid following these suggestions. Instead, George needs to consider the consequences that can arise from his decision to use the contaminated corn. For instance, if George does use the corn and he is caught for committing this misdeed, he could ruin the positive reputation that he currently possesses. Damaging his good name could prevent him from persevering through the farming industry and continue receiving lucrative opportunity that will allow him to continue supporting himself. But, let me play devil’s advocate and let’s just say that no one ever realizes that George is the person who was responsible for shipping off the contaminated corn that infected an entire nation of people who were living in a foreign country. The person who left that suggestion in the box for George to read will know that George was the one responsible for shipping the corn overseas. Consequently, this person may be able to use his knowledge to blackmail George into taking his advice in a subsequent occurrence. If George does not take this person’s advice the next time George is in a state of quandary, then whomever wrote the initial suggestion could tell on George, causing the reputation of the company to become ruined and thus, endure heavy fines and several lawsuits from the people that the corn was responsible for affecting.


  1. Should the suggestions have influence? Identify the pressures that have caused the ethical and legal issues in this scenario to arise.

The final suggestion that George pulls out of the suggestion box that says, “It’s just wrong to use this corn,” is the smartest option that he has at this point in time. Deciding to do the right thing can be very hard at times but, we, as people, have also seen the advantages that resulted when people tell the truth. If George values his job and position within the farming industry, he will follow the third suggestion and not use the corn. Making this honorable decision will allow the company to remain in business so that there would be many other opportunity for George and his colleagues to make money off of a much more healthy supply of corn in the future.