What objections could the buyer raise? (Use any assumptions necessary to develop this list) 

Provide a response to each objection you listed in question 1 (make any assumptions necessary to create your response). Include the name of the method you recommend for each objection.

A buyer can post different kind of objections in case of the new proposal for selling the product and if I were the buyer that I would probably made the following objection. My first objection will be related that if I had the same product than why it is beneficial to have the new one? Moreover I would be vey concerning about the discount on products, distinct features of the product that are making it different from the other persons. I would be very concerning about the benefits and free services that would have been provided with product like the installment of product and the free maintenance of the product.  In case of the selling a fish tank to the mall owners the best possible outcome or objection can be the children and people who could damage the fist tank. I would cover the all objection, for first objection I would introduce the new and exciting features of the fish tank and will how that how easy it to be maintained in comparison of the old one. For other objection I would tell that I will give them the distinct features to others and will maintain the fish tack in case of any problem or will replace this in case of damage.