Explain how you would effectively communicate to your employees the importance of their contributions (no matter their position) to the success of the company.

I would let the employees know that I believe they are doing good work through a variety of measures. Firstly, there are usually some sort of meetings in most companies. These happen at different times throughout the day, week and year. Depending on what level of management I was at, I would make sure to recognize the employees for their efforts at that specific departmental meeting, or larger overall store level meeting. If I was in charge of multiple people in multiple roles and functions, I would look at the whole store as a relationship and let each person know how each individual is working in a way that helps to support the other people. The goal of this for me is to make sure everyone knows that they are vital for the overall business to operate and that although some of them may never be on the “floor” as in visible to upper management or the customers, they are still as important as anyone else in the organization. I would also make sure to do frequent reviews for people who need the encouragement that comes along with a few extra kind words that let them know they are doing a good job. Really, there are a great many ways for a person to let the people who work for them know that they are important at their work.