Case Study: I Only Want a Little


  1. What, if any, ethical dilemma does Chad face?

In my opinion Chad is facing a great ethical dilemma of either to violate the ethical standards of any business to not engage in any transaction that comes under the category of “bribery” which in this case seems to be one. The other ethical standard that any sales person has to follow is integrity of the sales person. Chad has also to make a decision about compromising his integrity or not.

  1. This is what Megan said: “I see it as, say, a friend sharing his newly gained treasure with another friend who has a big need. That’s all.” How valid is this argument? What would you have said in response to this statement?

I believe that the statement is invalid as Megan also stated during the conversation that Chad’s competitors are offering the same product but with lower quality and she will see if they are ready to accept her offer of “sharing the treasure”. She is doing something illegal and unethical.

If it were me, I would have politely declined the offer. I believe that once a business relation is based on unethical practices, there is no coming out of it. This kind of relation will always be demanding the same ethical compromises that it is demanding now.

  1. What are the potential ramifications if Chad decides to do as Megan has requested?

There are many ramification for Chad. The first one is that he will lose his integrity and there are chances that he might be known for the same behavior for his future business relations. Second is that there is always a chance that the matter is put under investigation and Chad could lose his job. Third is that he will be using unethical practices of making a sales transaction. The fourth ramification is that Chad will have to face negative financial consequences as he will have to pay the bribe from his part of commission.


  1. What are the potential ramifications if Chad decides not to agree to Megan’s request?

The main ramification that Chad would face is that he has been working on getting the sales transaction done for some time now, and he would have lost his valuable time. Chad would also have financial ramifications as he would not get his commission associated with this transaction. Chad would also be not able to get his first sale made on behalf of his company and will have to face some frustration for it.


  1. What would you do? Be specific and be prepared to defend your position.

I would definitely not accept the offer of bribing from my share of commission. It is unethical and damaging professionally. This behavior might become my identity between my potential buyers as I would be prepared to repeat this behavior of bribing again and again.