Essay Sample: Description


In Raleigh, North Carolina, there are vast amounts of sceneries to observe and there is a wide region to travel. It is located somewhere between the states of Virginia and South Carolina and it has an attractive airport. Raleigh does not seem like a very popular city, but it offers interesting attractions. The city of Raleigh, North Carolina, is an interesting place to visit because it is quiet, filled with lush landscape, clean, low-cost, and modern.

There are buses in Raleigh, North Carolina, but it seems that most people drive their cars. Maybe, that is one of the reasons why it seems to be so clean. I am not implying that people who drive cars do not litter or that people who walk litter. What I am saying is that the fact that there are less people walking on the street on Raleigh might be a part of the reason why the area seems so clean. Let us face it: persons who are inside of their cars are probably less likely to litter the street.

The streets of Raleigh are quiet and the area seems peaceful. If you go north and toward the outskirts, there are mountainous regions that overlook the rest of the city and other cities. There are streams and rivers where you can go fishing and there are lakes where you can sit peacefully and meditate on the day and life. Some areas are not as quiet because they have shopping stores and malls, but the city is relatively quiet overall.

The landscape is inviting in Raleigh because the place is well-manicured in some parts close to the business areas and the apartment areas. There are the usual paved streets and buildings, but there is a lot of vegetation so the place looks lush in many parts. For example, in the regions that are not too close to apartments and buildings, you can see a lot of trees and bushes that highlight nature. In the built-up areas also, you can see a lot of this vegetation and open grass because there is a lot of space and uninhibited land.

The cost in Raleigh is low. The houses and the apartments are modestly priced in many areas. There are some high-scale areas also where there are very big and expensive houses, but they still are comparatively low cost. Compared to other cities, such as Los Angeles, California, the prices in Raleigh are quite low. To rent a clean and decent apartment in Raleigh will not cost a lot of money. There are very old apartment buildings and houses and there are also fairly new ones.

The airport in Raleigh is clean and has a lot of shops where you can get souvenirs and other items. A lot of food stores are there so you will not go hungry as long as you have money. There are modern conveniences there and within the greater Raleigh itself. Although Charlotte, North Carolina is probably a more popular city, Raleigh, North Carolina is a major place for a lot of business professionals and businesses.

Visiting Raleigh is a refreshing experience if you are from the extreme country or a big, busy city. This is because Raleigh has parts that are like a big city and other parts that are like the countryside. What is interesting, too, is that there is not much traffic congestion. This might be because of a combination of all the space that is available and the efficiency of the roads and routes. You will not typically hear cars making a lot of noises with their horns either. Raleigh is a quiet, clean, lush city to visit and it is as country as you want it to be and as city as you might want it to be. The excellent thing is that is does not take much time to get away to a serene, quiet place that is close to nature.

Some places in Raleigh are so beautiful that you might want to take some pictures or just go there to relax at the end of a long or hard day’s work. The airport is easily accessible by the major road thoroughfares and the country is also easily accessible. There is often a fusion between the country parts and the city parts in this sense: there are some residential properties that look like they are literally in the woods because they are closely surrounded by large trees.

The weather in Raleigh is consisting of summer, autumn, winter, and spring and it snows in Raleigh sometimes. It gets quite cold in the winter and boiling hot in the summer. However, if you are close to the country parts, you can be cooler in the summer. Raleigh has everything that you could want in terms of modernity and all that you could wish for in terms of relaxation.