Diversity: More than Just a Policy

  1. Has being an open and diverse place helped improve the reputation of Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams amongst stakeholders? How, or how not?

Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams is a furniture company that addresses the issues of diversity in the workplace by providing equal rights to all of its employees. Being and open and diverse place helped the company to improve its reputation amongst stakeholders. The stakeholders and shareholders of the company are aware that company has a strong and good policy for providing the equal rights to all of its employees. Therefore, they know that the employees are most likely to work with the company for a longer time and it adds to the stability and good organizational performance for Gold + Bob. Hence, the reputation of the company is quite good among the stakeholders and they like to work with the company for additional benefits (Schaeffer & Mattis, 2012).

In addition, being a diverse and open place has also helped the Gold + Bob to improve their reputation among customers in different ways and as a result, they prefer to buy their furniture products from this company.

  1. Should all companies have formal diversity policies? Why or why not?

Diversity in the workplace is one of the issues which can go an additional mile for the companies if dealt properly. However, if it is not addressed properly, it can ruin the reputation of corporations and as a result, ruining their overall performance. Hence, it can be said that all companies should have formal diversity policies where there should be equal opportunities for all the employees regardless of their ethnicity, race, color, gender or religion (Mayhew, 2015).

Having a formal diversity policy in companies can also result in improved organizational effectiveness and enhance the individual performance of the employees.

  1. Does it make you more or less inclined to buy products from places like Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams when you found out that they have strong employee equal rights policies?

After finding out that Gold +Bob have a strong employee equal right policy, it makes the customers more inclined to buy products from them. This has a number of reasons where consumers consider it important for the companies to practice the equal right policies. If the employees are treated equally, they are more likely to behave properly and professionally with the consumers in a helping manner. This thing results in appealing more customers to such a workplace where they are dealt professional and with a helping attitude.


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