Read, “Resolving Ethical Business Challenges” on pages 235-236 of your text.

  1. Identify the ethical and legal issues of which Jim needs to be aware.

There are two main legal issues in my opinion. First is the fact that some of the workers are providing wrong information about the amount of their work which is not a legal act. The second illegal issue is the fact that the company is paying bribe to an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) employee to write a report in their favor that they are working in compliance to EPA guidelines which they are not.

The ethical issues is again their violation of the corporate social responsibility where they are not fulfilling their duty to protect the environment.

  1. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each decision that Jim could make.

Jim is facing a dilemma. He can make a choice to let the authorities know about the happenings at the work site of the company. This could result in an ethical win for Jim. This could also help save the environment. But the company might be fined and even shut down. Jim could also face legal actions.

On the other hand Jim could let things go as they have been going before. Jim would get to have his job as it is and also gain the confidence of his superiors which could help his career. But this would be an unethical decision.

On the other

  1. Identify the pressures that have brought about the ethical and legal issues.

The top management is putting pressure on Jim to do what’s good for business. This had brought ethical issues for Jim. On the other hand EPA could create legal issues for JIM.

  1. What is Jim’s power structure and leadership position at the plant?

Jim is a powerful plant manager who can make decisions about how things should work in the plant. But in my opinion his powers are limited by the organizational goals that only let him make decisions in the profitability of the organization and not what is right.