Case Study: Resolving Ethical Business Challenges

  1. Discuss the corporate ethical issue of providing questionable products to other markets.

Generally speaking, questionable products are not in anyone’s favor. They could have catastrophic consequences for those who use them. This is the ethical responsibility of producers and suppliers to keep others safe from using questionable products because profits should not come before the health and safety of others.

  1. Discuss the suggestions submitted in the suggestion box in light of the decision that George must make.

In any organization, decisions must be made collectively. Therefore, George must look into the suggestions. But the actual decisions could contradict most of the suggestions as if an ethical decision is made, the production of corn must stop which could result in job losses.


  1. Should the suggestions have influence? Identify the pressures that have caused the ethical and legal issues in this scenario to arise.

The suggestion could have influence as George want to do what is best for everyone and at the same time there is the safety of the consumers. Selling contaminated corn is not legally allowed which could cause legal problems for the company. There is an ethical issues as if the production of corn is stopped, many people would lose their jobs.