Case Study: Nike: Managing Ethical Missteps – Sweatshops to Leadership in Employment Practices

  1. Why did Nike fail to address corporate social responsibility earlier?

I would say that it was due to the lack of experience of the founders of Nike. They were not aware of the fact that companies have corporate social responsibility (CSR) that gives back to the society. They liked the idea of making money with sports and they were focused only on it.

  1. Evaluate Nike’s response to societal and consumer concerns about its contract manufacturing.

This an unfortunate fact that huge multinational corporations outsource their production or services tasks to third world countries and don’t care about the unfriendly working environments of those companies. The same is the case with Nike. They seem to not care about the concerns of critics who are pointing out valid issues.

  1. What are the challenges facing Nike in the future?

In the future, due to the pressure of the civil societies and the growing awareness among the general public about corporate social responsibilities, Nike has to adopt to this changing environment and have effective CSR programs to give back to the society.