Why should human resources management be concerned with employee dissatisfaction? Provide several reasons.

HR management should be concerned with employee dissatisfaction for several reasons. Firstly, employee dissatisfaction can often mean lower performance. When employees’ morale sinks, this leads to a cascade of negative effects in the workplace. Performance can be affected, as well as communication between employees, between employees and managers, and between employees and the HR department. Along with communication, teamwork suffers because employees are less enthusiastic and do not communicate as well, so not only can individual performance suffer, but team and even company performance can suffer as well. Secondly, employee dissatisfaction in a competitive marketplace can cause employees to leave the company to go to work for a competitor. This can cause several problems, including a rival company receiving sought-after talent, and, perhaps even more importantly, a rival company receiving insights from defecting employees about the inner workings of the company they left.