Course Reflection

This course on HR has helped me understand the inner workings of organizations in a new way. I now understand that the HR department has a double responsibility to both cut costs and help management make the organization profitable, and to protect employee interests, because employee dissatisfaction is such a threat to productivity. This course helped me understand the importance of this basic balance between a company’s fiscal well-being and employees’ satisfaction. One can never be totally ignored for the benefit of the other, because the company would cease to operate. There must always be a balance. I was especially interested in the psychology aspect of the course, and so HR is now much more interesting to me. It is far more than simply a repetitive administrative job that handles payroll. It is rather a job of negotiation and understanding the interests involved in each decision of a company. This means that HR professionals actually have jobs that require a lot of creativity and communication, meaning that HR jobs are not always dull, but actually often challenging and stimulating.