Read The Essential Performance Review Handbook. Which type of employee review would be the most difficult for you to conduct (examples in chapter 7)? What have you learned from reading this book that you can incorporate to make this type of review go more smoothly and help create a productive employee?

The Essential Performance Review Handbook is an organized guide to prepare to be an effective manager. It provides a detailed overview of how to behave as part of an organization to deal with subordinates, coordinates and the upper management. In my opinion this handbook has most of the material to make you an effective manager and leader. Step wise approach has been incorporated to deal with organizational issues that arise due to the human resource.

The “new supervisor employee review” is the review I would chose for this discussion. This is an awkward situation when there is less acceptance of a person who has got the position as a supervisor. For me, it would be difficult to deal such a situation where the organization environment is not welcoming for a manager or a supervisor due to any reason. This would definitely be difficult to review for me to conduct.

I have learned several important ways from the handbook to effectively to make any employee review smoothly. There is a need to “Know your own employee or your supervisor” as stated by Armstrong, (2010). This points to the importance of the effectiveness of organizational communication. I also learned to demonstrate respect and confidentiality in conducting my organizational duties of any sort.


References: Armstrong, S. (2010). The essential performance review handbook. Franklin Lakes, NJ: Career Press.