Pick one management failure out of the article; from a manager’s standpoint, write a detailed plan of action to fix the selected failure.

In terms of management issues and failures, there are a number of things that can be discussed. There were no proper safety measures for passengers in terms of life boats and life jackets availability, the crew was being treated so badly in terms of working hours and extra work load. Usually, the crew had to work for extra hours and if they refused, they were threatened of losing their jobs or cutting down their salaries. The article also reports that there were no healthcare facilities for employees where they generally had to work even when they were ill.

One of the main management failures that has been picked out of the article to write a detailed plan of action to fix it; from a manager standpoint, is that of treating workers badly, making them to work for extra hours and that too with poor healthcare facilities.

Plan of Action

Here are some of the important steps that can be taken to fix the above mentioned management failure:

  • Primarily, the management of the cruise company needs to define all of the job descriptions for their different worker positions available and to find out that which positions are still vacant where they need a new person to appoint.
  • After that is found out, they need to hire new human resource for the vacant positions, if there are any.
  • The company needs to define the basic number of working hours for all workers and their specified salaries as per those hours.
  • After this thing is done, the company should define that what will be the bonus, pay rate or overtime for the employees who are still working for extra hours like a cook had quoted that they had to work for more than 14 hours a day, while they were supposed to work for 11 hours.
  • Company needs to take all of its workers in confidence and should pay them bonuses and the salaries for the hours they had worked extra.
  • Besides that, there should be proper healthcare policy for all the employees. The employees should be provided with basic medical facilities followed by number of other benefits such as leave with salary and relaxation of working hours.
  • As the company is losing the trust of its employees, it needs to work on gaining their trust again by awarding them for their hard work and to pay that off in terms of bonuses, appreciation letters and promotions.
  • As they workers had reported that they were threatened many times about losing their jobs or cutting down the salaries, the senior management of the company should try to find out the actual thing happened and the manager who did that, they should be dealt accordingly.
  • Company needs to focus on gaining its market reputation once again and that is only possible by facilitating the workers and by gaining their trust once again.

As a general conclusion of the plan of action and the management failure, it can be said that main issues which company is facing is in terms of not dealing the crew properly. This thing is resulting in number of issues which can be better explained by the accident of the ship and around 32 causalities in result. Company can overcome these management failures by applying the above mentioned action plan.