For the job that you wrote a description for in Module 1 –do a mock review – write one review assuming the employee is performing satisfactorily and help them set new goals – write a second one assuming the employee is performing unsatisfactorily – be sure all comments/goals/punishments are legal and attainable according to the texts you are reading.

Positive Review for Satisfactory Performance

As the marketing and sales officer of the company is performing satisfactory and he is working hard to meet with all the objectives defined under job description, here are some new goals:

  • The marketing and sales officer will now have to work on more advanced level of performance where he will have to protect organization’s value by keeping the information confidential.
  • He should maintain affinity with key records by making intermittent visits; investigating particular needs; foreseeing new open doors.
  • Besides that, the marketing and sales officer needs now to work on improving product profitability and marketability by researching, capitalizing and identifying on market opportunities where he can improve product packaging and can coordinate new product development(Marr, 2015).

Review for Unsatisfactory Performance

Due to the unsatisfactory performance of marketing and sales manager in terms of meeting with the goals of job, here are some comments and new goals for him:

  • The marketing manager is being given period of another three months to improve his performance and to increase the productivity in work. If the manager failed to meet with the job description goals, he will either be demoted to a lower position or the company will demand his resignation(Javitch, 2003).
  • The marketing and sales manager needs to focus on simpler goals first which involves building trust within his team, motivating them to do their best and to define new goals for them.
  • As a motivational strategy, marketing and sales manager will be awarded with bonus and appreciation letter, if he performs well in this tenure.












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