1. Which of these two challenges do you think is the more difficult to address? Why?

Researchers face a number of issues in explaining the research methodology and other research stuff to their clients. The primary issue which is about using their research to convey a practical view of the world is more difficult to address, I believe. In this issue, researchers often make mistakes handling it when they see their investigation in a vacuum or lessen it to a maybe a couple dimensional perspective. Analysts must train themselves to break down exploration information in view of various measurements. In light of the colossal assorted qualities of the business sector, specialists who view patterns from a solitary measurement are prone to miss specific open doors. A division methodology can help analysts create a more finish photo of the gatherings of individuals the customer wishes to distinguish (McDaniel & Gates, 2013).

As a general evaluation, it can be said that the first issue probes more challenges to the researchers and it is somehow difficult for them to address it.

  1. How would you go about clarifying the client’s needs and expectations? What kinds of issues would you look for, and what kinds of questions would you ask?

It is important to go about clarifying the needs of clients and their expectations. In order to clarify their needs, I would focus on asking different questions and to looking at different issues. The questions can include their primary aims and objectives associated with the research study and that why they are conducting it. After that, the next point of discussion with the client should be about their budget and the expected methodology they want to use (Kunn, 2014).

In addition, there are some more issues that need to be considered before reporting the results and the possible outcomes. These can include to address both of the issues in an efficient manner and to look for their responses. As a general conclusion, it can be said that researchers should consider it important to meet with the needs and expectations of clients.


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