List the forms out of The Performance Appraisal Handbook that you found most useful and why.

I found the Performance Log Confidential forms to be really useful. The Performance Log Confidential (DelPo, 2007, p.73) is really useful tool that lets you keep the confidential data about the performance of the employees. This confidential data includes how a certain employee performed on a certain occasion. Data like how punctual and timely an employee has been is kept in noted in this form. This form can also help in offering training to certain employees if they have been showing below average performance on certain activities. This form also keeps track of any warnings issued to the employee. If an employee is late on several occasions, usually an oral warning is issued to him/her. This log keeps track of such warnings with the details of the incidents.

The long is not only used for keeping track of warnings by the manager. There is another term used called “Kudos” which is in my opinion a kind of thumb up that means that the employee performed really well on a certain occasion. The kudos is noted with the details of the incident being noted in the same row on the performance log.

References: DelPo, A. (2007). Performance Appraisal Handbook, The Legal & Practical Rules for Managers. Nolo.