As a manager, you have encountered issues that mandate wide spread change within the company. How would you manage the change process while maintaining operating effectiveness?

Change is inevitable in the present changing world driven by technological advancements. Especially in business world, managers may face circumstances where they have no choice but to bring fundamental changes to business processes in an organization. In such situations, a manger should be capable of carrying the changes while maintaining operating effectiveness because a business cannot be operationally halted due to a need for changes.

As a manager, I fi am faced with a situation where I have am mandated to bring changes, I would first identify the need for change. The identification for need for change is important because it would identify the new business requirements (Ramos, 2008). Then I will make an assessment of the impact of the necessary changes. Then I would work closely with other departments like IT department to organize a way to test and then implement the changes. In my opinion a proper documentation of all the changes and the process the changes were carried out should be saved in soft or hard form for future reference or to assess the change process itself.


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