From a managerial standpoint, write a policy on social media use for your employees.  Please tell me if you are writing it for a private or government position.

Being a manager, a social media usage policy will always differ depending on if I work in a governmental organization or a private one. In this supposed scenario, I will consider being the manager in a private organization. Based on the social media usage of the employees, the policy postulates will be as follows:

Subjects Inviting a Flame War: There are certain things where emotions can run high so the employees of organization should show respect to the other opinions and should maximally try to avoid getting into debate about such a topic.

Job Comes First: Until or unless you are specifically hired for social media accounts management of the company, don’t let social media to impact your job performance and productivity.

Talking About More Particular Things: You are not at all allowed to talk about the legal issues associated with company, the financial trends, sales information, Forecasts, strategies and planning, future promotional activities and related things. You cannot give out personal information about employees, customers and employer. Don’t respond to an offensive post by a customer in an offensive tone (Catalyst, 2013).

Association with the Company: Employees can associate themselves with the company but they should make it completely clear that whatever they are posting is personal. Besides that, proper copyright and reference laws should be followed and observed by employees.



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