After reading the assigned chapters, explain how you would effectively communicate to your employees the importance of their contributions (no matter their position) to the success of the company.

Each employee acts as a building blocks in any organization. For example we might think that a security guard at the gate of an organization might have nothing to do with the performance of a superstore that he/she is guarding. But this opinion is wrong. Let’s say that a customer is entering to the superstore and he feels that the guard is not so welcoming, would it not affect the customer’s purchasing process. In my opinion many customers might not even get in the superstore to shop. The point that I want to make is the importance of each employee and the need to take steps, as a manager or as a supervisor to make them feel comfortable at the job so that they depict a positive face of the organization to the consumers.

I would personally try to establish communication with each employee. I would try to let them talk about their concerns about working environment and ask for their suggestions so that they can feel an ownership of the organization and can contribute more. I would honestly let the employees know how they are contributing to the organization.