1. What are the major differences between quantitative and qualitative research?

The major difference between the quantitative and qualitative research is that quantitative research mainly focuses on the mathematical analysis and it uses the statistical facts and figures. On the other hand, the findings of qualitative research are not subject to mathematical or quantitative analysis and it does not include any quantification (McDaniel & Gates, 2008).

  1. What are some of the possible disadvantages of using focus groups?

Some of the possible disadvantages of focus groups include that compared to individual interviews, focus groups are not as efficient and not as in depth. Besides, focus groups are much expensive to execute as compared to surveys and questionnaires (Writing, 2015).

  1. Create a story completion test for downloading music from the Internet.

A story completion test for downloading music from internet can be as:

“Alex is a music lover and he is much passionate about it. He uses his iPod and cellphone to hear music on the go. However, while downloading new music from internet, he faces some uncommon problems. One day, while he was trying to download music from a website…….”.

  1. What can a client do to get more out of focus groups?

In order to get most of the focus groups, a client can use different ways. For this thing, a client should have an open mind, the key objectives should be well defined and he should not be afraid of negative feedback.

  1. What is the purpose of a projective test? What major factors should be considered in using a projective technique?

A projective test is used for tapping the respondent’s deepest feelings by asking them to project those feelings into an unstructured situation i.e. Rorschach Inkblot test. The factors should be considered while using a projective test include to minimizing any extraneous variables that can influence the results and to record the responses properly.

  1. What are some major issues in conducting international focus groups?

While conducting the international focus groups, the major issues which are faced by the researchers include the language issues, the cultural differences and different beliefs and norms of participants.

  1. Take a consumer drawing test—draw a typical Pepsi drinker and a typical Coke drinker. What do the images suggest about your perceptions of Coke and Pepsi drinkers?

The consumer drawing test about a typical Pepsi drinker and a typical coke drinker would suggest that how am I feeling being a subject and how I am perceiving the Pepsi and Coke.

  1. Use the metaphor technique to tell a story about going to the supermarket.

The story using the metaphor technique about going to supermarket can be as”

“Last evening, I planned to go to supermarket. In order to meet with my plans, I visited a supermarket which was so big that it looked like “a whole city”. I bought many things and came back home later at “the curtain of night”.


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