After watching the video “Personal Selling and Sales promotion at Scholfield Honda”, How important is sales force management in Scholfield Honda’s overall success? Why? Which step in the sales process is most important in a consumer’s decision to purchase a car? Why?

Scholfield Honda is trying to control customer’s experience and make it more efficient. They are not trying to control the customers by manipulative techniques. Their customers need information about the vehicles they are interested in before they can make a decision to buy it. Sales force is the one that is at the front line here. They are the ones who deal directly with the customers. Customers may or make a purchase on the spot but they definitely have a lot of questions to ask from the sales representative. Therefore, it is important to manage the sales force properly and effectively so they can satisfy the customers. Sales persons need to be well informed about the specifications of the vehicles and all other information the customers might be interested in.

In my opinion, the “demonstration” step is the most important in the selling process at Scholfield. This might not involve driving the car and how it travels. But it could be the demonstration in the form of information of the different functions of the car that suits the customer’s needs. This is important as the customers need to be sure that their real life problem are going to be solved with the vehicle they intend to buy. Once that surety is given, they would easily make a purchasing decision. It is important to mention here that the sales staff need to be honest and do not misguide the customers by providing false information that fits the situation.